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What are some warning signs of Bullying?

So, what are some of the warning signs of bullying that parents should look out for?

1. Unexplained damage to or loss of clothing and other personal items (even if your child “seems” to have a good explanation for it, you should still be aware and check it out further to be sure).
2. Look for evidence of physical abuse such as bruises, or scratches (again even if the child has a good explanation, they may be hiding the truth for fear of retaliation from the bully should they find out they told on them).
3. Loss of friends or change of friends.
4. Reluctance to participate in activities with certain other kids.
5. Loss of interest in favorite activities.
6. Take notice if your child becomes unusually sad, moody, anxious, lonely, or depressed.
7. Take notice if problems develop with eating, sleeping or bed-wetting.
8. If your child complains a lot of headaches, stomach aches, or other physical complaints, this could be an excuse to stay away from places where their bully might reside.
9. Take notice if your child experiences a decline in school achievements.
10. Of course, any talk, or signs of thoughts of suicide should be taken seriously and seek out professional help immediately.
11. Withdrawal from other kids, or activities may be a warning sign that your child is being bullied.
12. Depression, quietness, etc, may also be signs that something is wrong.


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