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Women’s Self Defense

This class is for women only. This is a basic self-defense class based on the classic Gracie self-defense; the best self-defense program in the world to date. Regardless of your age, shape, size, or fitness level, this class has something to offer every woman.
Gracie self-defense is the most effective form of self-defense for women because…
  1. It relies on leverage and timing rather than strength or speed. So even a petite woman can overcome a much larger/stronger attacker.
  2. All of the techniques are based on natural human body movement; not some “animal form” as is the case with some martial arts.
  3. These techniques have been approved and used by law enforcement, as well as military personnel. If it’s good enough for them that means it must be effective. Military and law enforcement have spent a lot of time researching the subject to find the most effective form of self-defense.
  4. Gracie self-defense teaches only the techniques that are most likely to come up in a real situation. No need to spend years in the martial arts to learn how to defend yourself. Students report noticing results almost immediately and most can effectively learn how to defend themselves in just a few months!
  5. If a woman in attacked, then chances are that the altercation will end up on the ground. Back yourself up with Gracie self-defense to give yourself the skills to know what to do once it hits the ground. Better yet, use some of the techniques that you will learn to keep the altercation from ever going to the ground. Only Gracie self-defense gives you the skills needed to keep the altercation standing.
Could you defend yourself if this happened to you?
If you are a woman and are assaulted on the street chances are that you will be attacked from behind.
Would you know what to do if it happens to you?
  • At the end of the 16 lessons, students can test for their pink belt !!!
  • This is a 16 lesson course  FOR WOMEN ONLY. The class is offered twice a week (Wednesday at 11:30am and Saturday at 11:10am) The same lesson is taught on both days on any given week of the course.
  • “What’s after Pink belt? Is there more?” If this is you, then perhaps you are ready for something more challenging, then you may move on to our adult co-ed Gracie Jiu-jitsu classes and begin your journey to the coveted black belt.
  • This course is for women of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of size or age, most women find that they can complete the course, no problem.
  • This course is for women who are either novice or beginner in the martial arts. Most who come in have absolutely no experience in the martial arts. Anyone who wants to learn self-defense can do this.


  1. Stop training when you feel that you have accomplished your goals and feel confident that you can defend yourself. Some women prefer to “get in and get out” when it comes to self-defense training. If this is you, then you have reached your goal once you have cycled through the 16 lessons once.
  2. Some will choose to cycle through the course one more time, repeating the 16 lessons. If you really want to really build your confidence in your ability to execute the techniques under any circumstance, then this option is for you.
  3. Whether you choose to cycle through once or twice, when you are ready, you have the option of taking the test to earn your pink belt !!! After that you are done. You have graduated with honors from the course.
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