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Losing Weight

Its that time of year again when everyone is motivated to get back into shape as part of their new year’s resolution. Problem is that many fail within the first month and even more will fail in the next two months and by April 1st, only the year ’rounders are left in the gym on any kind of regular basis.

This year, don’t let that happen to you! In addition to your new year’s resolutions you should also try setting monthly resolutions and your monthly resolutions should support your new year’s fitness resolutions. In this way, it is very possible to realize your goals of getting, and keeping fit all year long so that you can get out and enjoy your life more.

The other issue is that most workouts get boring after awhile and some are even boring and/or no-fun from the beginning. You need a workout that is fun and will keep your interests all year long. Something that you can truly enjoy and set short, mid and long term goals for.

If you’re serious about keeping your fitness new year’s resolutions all year long then I recommend that you give our KickBox Fitness class a try. This class is loads of fun, and a great workout! No experience is necessary and anyone can do it!

You won’t be sparring anyone so no need to worry about that. Its just you, the bag, your gloves, high-energy upbeat music that’ll get you pumped and excited about your workout and a instructor teaching and leading you through the techniques between rounds.

Guaranteed to be a great workout, lots of fun and great calorie burner; a great start to a new you as you work towards your goal of getting and keeping fit all year long!


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