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There are many people out there who are not interested in the sport side of BJJ. They are interested in self-defense. These people aren’t interested in spending 10+ years working towards their BJJ black belt. They want to get in and get out.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this way of thinking. In fact, the majority of people out there in the world today who may be interested in the martial arts are really just looking for self-defense.

People want to know that they can take care of themselves if a real situation occurred. They want to feel confident about defending themselves but of course hope that they never have the need for it.

If this sounds like you, then we have just the class for YOU! Gracie Combatives is the newest class that we have added to our curriculum. This class is taught on Monday nights and beginners and novice alike are certainly welcome. In fact, beginners and novice will make up the core of our student body of this class.

In this class, students wear a t-shirt and gi (uniform) pants. Because of the way that this course is designed, anyone can start at anytime. Once finished, the course repeats immediately. The lessons are already laid out. It takes 108 class days to complete the entire course. You do not have to complete the entire course to get a lot out of it. But, if you do complete the entire course you will have the opportunity to test for your blue belt. The late Helio Gracie once said, “anyone deserves a blue belt who can effectively defend themselves in the street against a larger, stronger or faster attacker.”

We keep track of your attendance AND the class date(s) that you attended to make sure that you get all of the 36 lessons (each of the 36 lessons are repeated 3 times which equals 108) before you are eligible to belt test if that is your goal.


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